I am a freelance digital artist with more than two decades’ experience creating assets for use in 3D virtual environments, computer games, and a wide variety of other digital and CGI production applications.

I currently specialize as a lighting artist, although I also do a limited amount of environment and asset modeling, PBR shader creation, etc., to keep myself familiar with developments in the field at large.

Since much of the above is probably gibberish to anyone who doesn’t work in the field, loosely speaking I make things that are used to help create the illusion of reality in computer-generated imagery.

In the more distant past (80’s & 90’s) I worked in the traditional photographic market, shooting (film) both in the studio and on location, and developing a reasonable mastery of darkroom techniques.

During my “transition” years (90’s & early 2000’s) I was involved in the wide format digital printing industry and also did a bit of technical writing, beta testing, and game design/development on the side.

At various times I have taught many of the above subjects, ranging from private instruction, workshops, and tutorials, to more formal lectures and presentations for companies, organizations, and various educational institutions.

After spending the bulk of my adult years in Ontario, I’ve returned to my Atlantic Canada roots and now make my home in New Brunswick.

Photo: ©SDA 2020