Port Felix – Hurricane Dorian

This year’s family vacation, in early September, was to the Guysborough County area of Nova Scotia where we stayed in a pair of cabins in Port Felix.

Kas had scouted the area in her own birthday trip the previous year and took us to lots of great spots along the coastline. We even went for a paddle among the Canso Islands!

There was a little more excitement to the vacation than intended as Hurricane Dorian decided to come roaring up the Atlantic coastline and make landfall in Halifax as a category 4 hurricane.

The storm itself was remarkably brief, moving in on the afternoon of Sept. 7th and hitting us with its full force that evening and plunging us into darkness. The power would take several days to be restored, but the storm itself moved rapidly off to the north and by the next afternoon the sun was shining once more, although the seas still bore dramatic witness to nature’s fury.

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