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While the rest of this site is dedicated solely to my 3D Digital/CGI artwork (hence why it isn’t included as an entry in the main menu), this private blog page contains a much wider mix of materials including new renders or works-in-progress, some photographs of varying artistic merit, trips, and anything else I might feel inclined to post.

Constructive feedback and critique is welcome but posts are moderated so it may take up to a day or two before a comment becomes visible.

Hopewell Rocks

Kas stopped by to visit on her way back from visiting Mum in Ontario. Originally she (and Harris) had planned only to stay the night but a blizzard set in the next day so we took a short trip to Hopewell Rocks area to see if there was anything of interest to photograph. We certainly weren’t lacking for snow…

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Port Felix – Hurricane Dorian

This year’s family vacation, in early September, was to the Guysborough County area of Nova Scotia where we stayed in a pair of cabins in Port Felix. Kas had scouted the area in her own birthday trip the previous year and took us to lots of great spots along the coastline. We even went for a paddle among the Canso Islands! There was a little more excitement to the vacation than intended as Hurricane Dorian decided to come roaring up […]

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Dublin Shore

Kas was kind enough to put me up for the better part of a week in early June at her home in Dublin Shore. It’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to see where she’s been living since she returned to the Maritimes in 2013. We had a number of outings as she re-introduced me to a part of Nova Scotia that I haven’t really seen since family outings when we lived there (1966-1973). My visit included a lovely […]

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Gaspé Peninsula

I took a short 5-day trip in early May to the Gaspé Peninsula of Québec, staying for a few days in Percé and then a couple more in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. It was over-optimistically early in the season, barely above freezing during the day and with snow still on the ground in most places even though it had all melted weeks earlier in Moncton. That limited where I was able to go (many of the side roads aren’t plowed and weren’t passable […]

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New Camera

Kas stayed overnight on her way home from Ontario where she had Christmas with Mum & Lynn and then did her usual handful of camera club gigs. I’d just recently gotten my new Nikon D7200 camera so we were sitting at my dining room table when I snapped this picture. That’s one of her cameras in her hands…she was helping to make sure I had my camera set up properly and comparing its features to hers.

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